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Prof. Patrick Pigeon to join WebTalk event co-organized by AFPCN (FR) and DKKV (DE).
These two associations are acting as promoters/managers of the civil society links with the DRR-National Platform, as well as and Scientists – Decision makers interactions, in their respective countries.

The topic will be a French-German experience sharing on Fluvial Flood Risk Management, between two prominent practitioners, based on their professional experience, one on River Rhine along Cologne, one on river Seine along Paris – Ile de France.

Both river basins face a huge exposure, have already a massive experience of floods since a long time and respective investments in risk reduction strategies and practices are already significant.

A prominent academic in Risk Management science will introduce and moderate their respective inputs as well as the debates with the virtual room. You are most welcome to raise a question!


Insurance issues are not addressed in the presentation slides of the speakers, but shall certainly be raised in the questions
The vehicular language will be English all the time.


More details:https://afpcn.org/events/exchange-of-experience-on-flood-management-in-france-and-germany-dialogue-between-practitioners-at-the-local-level/

There is a direct link to enter the virtual room, no preliminary registration requested