Un article d’Antoine Chabrol vient de paraître dans la revue Journal of maps :

Résumé : This article presents the geomorphological mapping of the Kalamas river delta in Thesprotia (Epirus, north-western Greece). The Kalamas (also known as Thyamis) is one of the three main deltas of this region. Detailed mapping was performed through analysis of field geomorphological surveys and interpretation of old maps, satellite images, aerial photos, and DEM. The evolution of the delta as well as its current morphology derives from complex interactions between alluvial, marine dynamics and human activities. Several palaeo-channels have been identified, and the recent morphology of the delta has been altered by the construction of a dam and the canalization of the river during the second half of the twentieth century. The coastline is complex, and mainly consists of lagoons, sandy barriers and sand spits. Since part of the delta has been prograding for about fifty years, the current dynamics indicate erosion as well as progressive submersion of these low coasts.
Mots-clés : Geomorphology, geomorphological map, Greece, Epirus